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Watch Night Shift Nurses Online

watch night shift nurses online

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Watching the Night Storm

Watching the Night Storm

Roughly a year ago, I hiked out to the Freemont Fire Lookout on Mount Rainier to shoot some stars. Between the full moon lighting up the sky, and the fact that I was still learning to shoot stars, I came back pretty much empty handed.
So this past Saturday Night I made a return trip. Having already been there and seen the various comps, I had about ten different things I wanted to try at least. I got to the parking Sunrise Parking lot about 5pm, and was met with an over crowded parking lot. My first thought was concern about the fire Lookout being over crowded. Just over an hour later, I was at the Lookout, after passing a trail of people heading back to their cars. As I was hiking up the Freemont trail, I passed a couple and asked how crowded the Lookout was. Relief set in when they told me it was just 4 people and a Ranger.
Just before the lookout, I passed four people, that left just the Ranger. Maybe I would have the place to myself after all.
As it turns out, the Ranger was spending the night in the lookout. She was very cool, and even let me hang out inside the building both before sunset, and during that twilight hours as the stars slowly started revealing themselves. Normally, I'd be setting up already, but the wind was howling, and I didn't figure my tripod would stay steady. So, I got to relax in the lookout and eat my dinner while the winds blow the building around. I In fact, the wind was so strong, that I almost thought about heading back down the trail and setting up.
Just as the stars had come out though, the wind died down enough for me to start setting up. That was the good news. The bad news was that I was left unable to do a few of the things I wanted because I didn't want to disturb the sleeping Park Ranger.
Oh well, this just means a return trip. And besides, who can complain when I had a night like this!

On a side note, if you look close, you can see the Ranger sitting in the window watching the stars. I almost cloned it out, but opted against it.

Watching the Night Come...

Watching the Night Come...

A beautiful Great Blue Heron (the same in the silhouette I uploaded last night) just watching the river as the sun went down on July 4th. I was happy to capture this shot of him /her in the evening light....I really love the river...

Shot Specifics: HyperP, f/6.7, 1/30Sec, ISO160, 500mm, -0.0/EV, Multi-Seg Metered, AWB, S-AF, RAW-DNG Post: Slight Crop/Soften Edges

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