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What Do I Need To Watch Tv On My Laptop

what do i need to watch tv on my laptop

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Hot Choco-lat(e) 245/365

Hot Choco-lat(e) 245/365

Ahhhh, Christmas shopping. It took me a long while to decide what to wear today. I'm not a fashion person, it was more a point of "wow, it's cold out, but I only wear skirts & tights . . . how am I going to keep warm?" I compromised with skirt & tights, my usual heeled boots, & then 4 layers up top. A vest, a shirt, a waistcoat, & my amazing fringe hoodie which keeps me toasty warm. Plus a scarf & gloves. My legs were still freezing.

We parked out of the centre & walked in through the Darwin centre, & off to the restaurant. We were early, so we just strolled through town. Waterstones was packed. I saw her an omnibus of the Southern Vampire Chronicles for ?14.99 & was so annoyed - I'd just got my brother to order it for me (for Christmas) last night for ?24.00! We have a ?15 limit with each other this year, so I already owed him ?9. Annoying. Amazon is usually cheaper.

So after wandering about a little, we headed to the restaurant. There were 2 people queuing to go in, so we just got behind them. Then more people joined the queue. A harried waitress then rushed over & told us they weren't open til 12pm. It was 12pm. & the door was open. So she was rude to us all, & the people behind us complained about her. She seated us, & my Mom was annoyed at her manner, but I just figured she must be stressed. I've never taken it out on a customer, but I've had crap days at work. No need to make it worse. I've never really liked 'ASK', but everyone else does. I think the pizza there is quite bad, so I just ordered garlic bread. It was on the starter list, but it was basically a full sized pizza. Like, wow. That's a starter?

After lunch we split off. My parents went there way, & I headed to Clintons. We got our parents cards, but decided not to bother with each other. I threatened to make in a home made card (which would mean he'd have to reciprocate) but he threatened to beat me up, so I left it. We headed to Monsoon first - we usually get my Mom something sparkly from there, but it was all the same stuff as last year, & then Accessorize didn't have anything either. I'd already agreed to make my Mom a mix CD, so we just had to find something for my brother to get her. We checked HMV for my Dad, & the queue was freaking massive. We ended up getting him an 'In the Loop' DVD. I love that film, but my Dad rarely watches movies twice. Maybe he will. I also bought myself 'An Inconvenient Truth'. I like the pictures. I remember watching it in Environmental Sciences, as my teacher pointed out all the inconsistencies, & the general bad science, & even the way the graph he was using hadn't been presented properly, & wasn't showing proper correlations. But yeah, I like the pretty pictures.

In the queue a man in front of us picked up a book, & then put it down again. It was Where the Wild Things Are!! I'd wanted to buy that for my Dad for his birthday (fond childhood memories) but I hadn't been able to find it in any of the local bookstores. So I picked it up, & the man looked regretful, then watched me for a while. It got awkward, cos I wasn't putting it down again, no way. So he broke the silence by saying his daughter loved that book. I said I loved that book too. I figured that he wasn't buying it again anyway - if his daughter loved it, then she already had it. Main point was, he wasn't getting it off me anytime soon.

I dragged my brother in H&M. I haven't seen anything I've liked in there for ages. We bought my Mom a Garden Planner in Boots, but all the pages were upside down & couldn't be reversed. There wasn't a second one there to exchange it with, so we figured we could exchange it in Oswestry. We also bought a plain journal from WHSmith's & figured we could fill it with pictures & scrap book it etc. We met our parents at this hairdresser's which happened to have a tea shop in it as well, & we headed back to the car.

We went to Oswestry next, & my Mom went for her acupuncture, & my Dad, brother & I went to Costa (but not before exchanging that upside down Garden Journal). My brother & I had hot chocolate, & my Dad had a mocha which was in this awesome mug with a handle on either side (the simple things in life please me). It was nice, just chatting, & I snuggled into my Dad, & then took photos. When my Mom called we went outside to meet her, & I took photos of the Christmas lights.

At home I wrapped some of the presents & wrote the cards, before putting them under the tree. Then my brother & I watched a movie. We have always had movie nights, but as we've gotten older they've stopped being so frequent. When I was involved with the American I spent a lot of time talking to him, & then when I wasn't my brother just didn't want to hang out as much (though we still both made an effort). Then I had exams, & whenever he asked to hang out & watch movies I

97. Ride a camel in the desert

97. Ride a camel in the desert

Dude, I adore my friends!! XD

I slept in again today, I think it was like 11 when I woke up and 1 when I finally went downstairs lol. It was sooo cold this morning :( I hate the cold. I was all warm in my blanket and then moved over to get up and froze so I just stayed put lol. When the urge to pee was too much to take I got up lol I went downstairs and we chilled, all day long. We watched tv and movies and what not but basically we just chilled. It was kinda awesome. I walked to the store 3 times today... Gosh thats friggin insane.. I hate how whenever Im "home" I end up with a rep at the store! Its not cool but kinda funny. Like in Washington everyone knew us at Safeway. I just looove the store. I get made fun of a lot but I really do love the store, its like a magical land of stuff! Its awesome. I read some more today. Im over half way with it now. Its gettin really good. Iv gotten filled in on most of the stuff thats going on the last few sections but I still have no clue where its gonna go. The only Dean Koontz Iv ever read before was Demon Seed so I dont know his writing style. Now if it was Stephen King Id be able to make a good guess on how it was gonna end but Im in the dark here lol.

Its almost midnight and Im pretty tired, and way full. We made rice crispie treats and they were darn delicious. Im gonna read some more before bed. Im at the point where the book has taken over. Ill be sittin and watching tv but Ill be wanting to read, wanting to know what happens but Im gonna be sad when it ends lol I hate reading :/

I didnt get to see my guy today lol thats what Rose calls Ryan, my guy. But we sure did talk about him lol. Once again I was on my laptop and Monster comes and sits by me and says "Ryan?" so we go to his page and look through his pictures and watch his videos and Monster gets soo excited and soo smiley and the pitch of his voice gets soo high lol its adoryble, thats also what Rose says lol adoryble :) Monster has an unhealthy obsession with my guy, its cute and all but I dont wanna have to compete with a 2 year old little boy lol. I barely got to talk to him too, Im sorta bummed out. I need my Ryan fix lol. Tomorrah I spose :/

My rib has been hurting all night. It blows. For all of you that dont already know I broke it like 3 years ago. It used to be soo bad and it hurt constantly and nothing could ever take away the pain, nothing! Now I can go days at a time without feeling a thing but when it starts up it fucking hurts (sorry mom lol) and still nothing can take away the pain, I just wait it out, it blows. I hate it but I think Im gonna have to live with it forever. Lame :/
Wow thats my 3rd ":/" in a row here lol Im on a roll.

About that sticky note. Iv ridden..rode..which one is it? Anyway Iv ridden/rode a camel before, at the zoo in Tacoma. Actually I have twice, cause Im cute, gotta love being a girl. It was badass! The way they walk is so cool and they are so cute, I loved it. But they had on handle bars and got led around by the camel cowboy. I want to ride a real one, in the desert! Just cause itd be cool.
I love this picture lol Rachaels crazy and I love her for it! This was our 3rd trip to the store. Shes holding her jugs lol which are her POP and Aprils POP. And caramels and melon o's. Peach rings are better but tis all good :) She was standing on the side of the store, I dont actually know what kind of store it is.. Maybe an Exon? I dont know.. huh.. Im gonna have to figure that out next time lol.

what do i need to watch tv on my laptop

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